RENDER is an independently published print magazine on a mission to smash oppressive systems in the food industry. We are dedicated to addressing issues of gender, race, and class in the food industry; writing praise for women-identified, trans, and non-binary people who are slaying it in the food world; critiquing + reflecting on contemporary food culture; sharing self-care tips; and empowering our community with knowledge about the food we eat and the way our food systems and industries impact us all.



FRONT OF BOOK (500-1500 words)

  • Q&As or Profiles that spotlight awesome chefs/restaurateurs/farmers/etc. who are currently on the scene, with a focus on woman-identified, trans, and non-binary people. A recipe to go with the interview is always a plus!

  • Columns: Ongoing columns should have a specific theme or subject, aspects of which are plentiful and can be discussed in every issue. Columns may feature recipes, how-tos, special techniques, infographics, informative sidebars, timelines, etc. with every issue. Recurring visual columns are also welcome, from comics to illustrated guides to photographic collections. Columns should relate to both food and feminism. Indeed, while each installment of your column may not always directly tie into each issue’s theme, the theme of each issue should be taken into consideration. 


FEATURES (1500-3000 words) 

Our featured articles are  in-depth, and require more space to touch on the many aspects of whatever complex issue is being discussed. Just like all of our content, features should cover subjects related to both food and feminism, and should be well researched and include source citations. While your subject matter may strike a personal chord and your piece may involve personal anecdotes, your argument may not be supported solely by personal experiences.

Features may be accompanied by press photos or collections of photos taken specifically for your piece. If photos are not available, we may work with an artist to create artwork to accompany your piece.



Sometimes images can communicate ideas more effectively than words. Photography, illustrations, comics, infographics, and the like are all welcome forms of visual journalism, whether you’re pitching an idea for a magazine feature or a recurring column. To formulate a pitch for visual content, follow the pitching guidelines above, and include a digital portfolio or a link to your website.

About artwork for writers: If you feel that your piece requires photography or illustration(s) to better communicate your point of view, or to illuminate unfamiliar or advanced techniques, a timeline, a collection of data, an infographic etc. please say so in your pitch. Our design team will work with you to find the right visual artist to illustrate your piece.

About artwork for artists: If you’re interested in creating artwork for the magazine in general, please email our creative director, Gabi de Leon, at, and attach a PDF of your portfolio or a link to your website.



Issue No. 6: TABOO  Submissions for this issue are closed.

Issue No. 7: FUTURE  Submissions for this issue are closed.

Issue No. 8: 


Front of Book: $75

Features: $100


A clear and specific pitch is more likely to be accepted for the magazine or blog than a list of a few vague, underdeveloped ideas. A well-formulated pitch will include the following:

1. A clear thesis statement and easily discernible point of view and takeaway message.

a. When pitching pieces with a personal or autobiographical component, the link between personal experience and the larger message to our audience should be made explicit. 

b. When pitching ideas for an ongoing magazine or blog column, please provide list of five or so possibilities for the first few installments of your proposed column.

2. A clear explanation of why the topic of your piece is important, why RENDER’s readers will be interested in it, and how it connects to the theme of the issue for which you hope to write. 

3. A brief explanation of where/how you will be gathering your research. 

4. Examples of your writing or links to your publications as well as information about your educational and professional background.

All pitches for the magazine should be sent to our Editor-in-Chief, Allison Sidhu, at The editorial staff will review all pitches and respond to authors within two weeks of receiving a pitch. If you have pitched a piece and have not heard back from someone on the editorial staff within two weeks, please do get in touch with us. We are happy to hear from authors with initial inquiries about pieces for the magazine or blog before you officially pitch an idea. If we do not accept your pitch, we encourage you to keep pitching to us until we find a piece that will work well for RENDER.