Issue No. 1 FLESH (Digital)


Issue No. 1 FLESH (Digital)

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Issue No. 1 "FLESH"

Released September 2014

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Table of Contents

  • Meet the Team
  • "Sound Bites: Flesh" by Danielle Knott
  • Sausage Making: The Definitive Guide reviewed by Dr. Lisa C. Knisely
  • "The Meat Market" by Sara Davis
  • "This Oyster" by Susan Harlan
  • "Cultivating Community: For Women Farmers, Community is Key" by Erin Connelly
  • "The Paleo Privilege: Choosing to Restrict" by Dr. Chelsie Falk
  • "Sundry Notes for Cooking in a Makeshift Kitchen at the Bottom of the World (and at Home)" by Wendy Trusler
  • "Like Lambs to Slaughter: My Journey into the Abattoir" by Catherine Piccoli
  • "Flailing for Inclusion: Paleo Dieting, Anxiety, and Contemporary Masculinity" by Sunny Hatch
  • "Fat Foodie: Fleshing Out the Politics of Food and the Fat Body" by Dr. Lisa C. Knisely
  • "The Meat Thinker: Discussing Ethical Nourishment with Camas Davis" interview by Gabi de León
  • Recipes
    • "Pancetta" from Camas Davis (Portland Meat Collective)
    •  "The Only Drink" from Kristin Rogers Brown (Bitch Magazine)
    • "Better Than Sex Honeydew Melon" from Addie Broyles (
    • "Lime-Glazed Eggplant with Thai Basil & Crispy Shallots" from Jessie Aron (Carte Blanche PDX)
    • "Coppa Porchetta" from Jenn Louis (Lincoln, Sunshine Tavern)
    • "Pollo Relleno" from Carol Devine (The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning)
    • "Raspberry-Vanilla Cheesecake with Lemon Shortbread & White Chocolate" from Ingrid de León (Riverside Grill, Hood River, OR)
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