Issue No. 2 ROOTS (Print)


Issue No. 2 ROOTS (Print)

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Issue No. 2 "ROOTS"

December 2014

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Table of Contents

  • Vermont Farm Table, a Lifestyle reviewed by Lisa Creatura
  • Everything is Bigger in texas, Especially the Flavor reviewed by Lisa Creatura
  • Toro Bravo. Stories. Recipes. No Bull. reviewed by Lisa Knisely
  • "Single Servings" by Corey Fawcett
  • "She Didn't Like Beets" by Julia Ricciardi
  • "Eating Local Between the Coasts: A Visit to Casa Nueva Co-op" by Laura Dixon
  • "The Goddesses of Beer: Then & Now" by Marcy Franklin
  • "Home is Where the Matriarch is" by Claire Lower
  • "The Unexpected Chef: An Interview with Chef Renee Erickson" by Caroline Ferguson
  • "With Love from the Crisper" by Holly Duffy
  • "Uprooted: Why We Can't Return to Our roots and Why I Try Anyway" by Christen McCurdy
  • "Southern Discomfort: Making My Peace with Down-Home Cooking" by Sara Davis
  • "Reconciling Julia Child and Rachael Ray: Is There Room in the Kitchen for Foodies, Convenience-Loving Cooks, and Feminists?" by Leah Becker
  • "The Fading Art of Cooking to Heal" by Chelsie Falk
  • "Unpacking 'Authentic' Recipes: Stories of Re(dis)covert and Retrieval from Ecuador" by Pilar Egüez Guevara
  • Recipes
    • "My Grandmother's Cornbread" by Claire Lower
    • "Celery Root, Celery Heart, & Celery Leaf Salad" by Diane Morgan
    • "Recipes from the Vermont Farm Table Cookbook" by Tracey Medeiros
    • "Eastern European Jewish Food & Recipes" by Shannon Kintner
    • "An Unmovable Feast: Native Foods Are Here to Stay" by Rosemary Diaz
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