Gabi de León | Founder, Creative Director

Gabi was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest by a cook and a pastry chef. She promised herself when she was very young that she'd never work in a restaurant... and then she grew up and became a cook. She recently threw in the towel, however, and now she is finally putting her BFA in Illustration to good use at People's Food Cooperative, where she is the Design Manager. Someday, she'd like to open an animal shelter for "aggressive breeds" and save all the pit bulls.

Kenna Fallan | Editor

Kenna grew up in the LA area, although she will tell you that her family is from Philly. Her Bubbe mails her homemade homentashen every year from that very city. Since graduating from UC Davis with a BS in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, she now works as a Designer/Researcher for the UC Davis Center for Design in the Public Interest and does freelance work that keeps her grounded in food and agriculture. She loves big dogs, cooking, and dancing. Her ideal is a night that involves all three. 



Allison M. Sidhu | Editor-in-Chief

Allison is a Philly native who became a permanent resident of LA in 2013. Her first word was apple. She holds a BA in English lit from Swarthmore College, which is finally helping her to pay the bills as a freelance food writer and editor. She also holds an MLA in gastronomy from Boston University. When she’s not exploring the local food scene, she loves snacking on homemade goodies in front of the TV with her husband.