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Do you like writing + making art? Food + cooking? Are you passionate about feminism + activism? Are you itching to work on a collaborative, long-term project? Are you in Portland, OR? AWESOME, because we need to build a Portland-based crew!

We're looking to build a small, collaborative collective of self-starting, resourceful, passionate folks. What does being on the RENDER crew look like? Meeting up a couple times a month, eating food, writing and editing articles, collaborating on written/visual content, fundraising, throwing parties, and making a radical food zine!

Right now we're looking for 1-2 creative folks who have:

  • writing + editing skills
  • party-throwing skills
  • community engagement + social media skills
  • up to 10 hours a week to work on the mag + meet up a few times a month
  • a love for zines, feminism, + food
  • the ability to collaborate with a team, work on your own, get shit done, and hold yourself and others accountable

RENDER is a passion project and is still tiny and newish. For payment, crew members will receive a stipend for every issue they work on. 

Are you interested? Wanna get in touch and learn more? Fill out the form below and we'll chat!

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