Breaking Bread: On Gastrodiplomacy

In each installment of “Breaking Bread,” Phylisa Wisdom will discuss gastrodiplomacy–using the history of different foods, and eating and cooking those foods, to foster understanding and cooperation between cultures. Think of it as breaking bread to break down barriers. We’ll explore who gastrodiplomats are and what they’re doing–or cooking–to engage in dialogue with, or about, other cultures and countries. The column will feature interviews with sassy changemakers, recipes from chefs involved in gastrodimplocatic efforts, and analysis of effective efforts (and sometimes wretched failures) from all over the world. We’re unapologetically in favor of talking politics at the dinner table.

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Post-Kickstarter Update

Well, we did it!

Thanks to 215 amazing individuals, we reached and exceeded our Kickstarter campaign funding goal, ending at $8,675. If you haven't visited the page and watched our little video, you can still do so here. In addition to raising the money we need to print and distribute the first issue of the magazine, a bunch of other cool stuff happened thanks to the campaign.

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