RENDER is coming to a close, for now.


Dear readers, writers, and artists,

I’m writing with some sadness to announce that RENDER will go on an indefinite hiatus, effective immediately.

This was a tough decision to make. Our team has worked really hard to make RENDER a sustainable publication that could pay its writers and artists well and publish quality feminist food journalism every quarter. But as a small publication with an even smaller team made up of passionate volunteers (who also work full time jobs), we just didn’t have the energy or funding we needed to be able to fulfill our mission.

When I started RENDER in late 2013, it was just my college thesis project – I never thought it would be printed and stocked in bookstores and mailed to subscribers who loved and believed in RENDER. Thank all of you wonderful readers for supporting us, and for supporting feminist food journalism!

I think we should all take this moment to also send thanks, love, and appreciation to the handful of amazing people who formed the RENDER team and who put so much talent, passion, and hard work into publishing every issue. To Danielle Knott, Dr. Lisa C. Knisely, Corey Fawcett, Drew McGaw, Miranda Rabuck, Miranda Rake, Ian Wagner, Anne Ferguson, Allison Sidhu, Kenna Fallan, Audrey Cerchiara, and anyone else who has every helped us out with editing or art or whatever, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! 

And, of course, RENDER never could have become such a success without the brilliant writers whose writing brought RENDER to life. Thank you all for everything!

While RENDER is coming to a close now, I hope that this isn’t our last chapter. I hope that someday RENDER will come back in some form or another, when I have the energy and inspiration to bring it back to life. Until then, I hope you all keep on fighting for food justice, whether you’re writing about it, making art about it, or supporting food justice organizations.

With love, thanks, and appreciation,


Gabi de León

Founder & Creative Director, RENDER: Feminist Food & Culture Magazine

PS: If you’re a subscriber or writer, keep on reading for more information!


As RENDER comes to a close (for now), here are some answers to some questions you may have:

I’m a subscriber. Can I get a refund?

You sure can. We’re not going to make you pay for magazines you never received! However, we are offering up a few options for what to do with the money you paid for your subscription.

You can either:

  • Get a refund for the 3 issues you didn’t receive (which comes out to $26.25)

  • Donate that $26.25  to PCUN (Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste), whose fundamental goal is to empower farmworkers to understand and take action against systematic exploitation and all of its effects, or

  • Let RENDER keep that $26.25 to tie up loose ends, use for future projects, etc.

Keep an eye out for an email survey where you will be able to indicate what you want to happen with your $26.25!

I wrote for RENDER in the past. Can I get a copy of my work?

Of course you can! If you’d like a digital PDF of your piece (or the whole issue your piece was published in), email and tell me what piece or issue you’d like a digital copy of.

Do you still have copies of your backissues?

We sure do! We have quite a few, actually. These are on sale for $9-10. Buy them up! The writing is still relevant, the writers are brilliant, and hey, these magazines might be collectible someday – you never know! Digital copies are also on sale for $5.