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The Rap Scallion

The Rap Scallion: Banana Almond Cake, A Stress Reliever

A weekend away with good friends after a stressful week really does wonders and what better way to make it sweeter than with a sinfully delicious banana almond cake. Fair warning to you all: This banana bread loaf is decadent, dense, and moist. It’s the kind of cake that makes you remember just how good things that aren’t artificially sweetened or coated in fake cheese powder can be, while still making you lick your sticky, caramel-coated fingers. A really great cake, like a weekend getaway with friends, can help you forget those little problems that build up over the week and make life a bit more delightful. If you need further assistance in stress relief, I highly recommend a dance party alone or with friends—nothing feels better than listening to some badass ladies to remind yourself that you’re a total rockstar