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BOOK REVIEW | 'The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food'

Challenged with the question of where food will be in thirty-five years, award-winning chef Dan Barber presents the reader with three plates. The first plate is meat-centric with a side of vegetables, representing the idealized American meal. The second plate is reminiscent of the current farm-to-table trend. It appears identical to the first plate, yet it is created with grass-fed meats and organic veggies. The third plate, the namesake of the book and basis of Barber’s kitchen practice, is vegetable-centric with a meat sauce accent. This plate emphasizes what the land provides for the table, rather than what the table requires from the land.  Get ready, because Barber is out to disprove everything you think is good about the current farm-to-table trend that is consuming local restaurants and even major corporations.