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From Render with Love Pt. 1: Danielle's Favorite Things

Love is in the air! And in the kitchen. 

This Valentine's Day-- or Galentine's Day or Palentine's Day, according to your preference-- we invite you to share in our love for all things food. Below is Danielle's list of swoon-worthy publications and blogs for you to enjoy with your loved ones!

I love Short Stack Editions! These ingredient themed mini-cookbooks are overflowing with recipes and love, each reflecting the personal stories and tastes of their author. Speaking of authors, we admire Short Stack's publishing model, which prioritizes the writer by paying them for each edition sold. Plus, they're cute to boot! Pick one up for your secret admirer. 

I love Sweets & Bitters! The beautiful, quarterly cookbooks from Sweets & Bitters are design-minded and compliment their recipes with photo essays-- providing nourishment for the eyes and stomach! As their name suggests, Sweets & Bitters focuses on the everyday pleasures found in sugary treats and lively libations. Their recipe blog is a veritable treasure trove of cocktails and yummy things, so make sure you check it out before hosting your next house party!

I love the Pizza Feminism blog! Here's a taste: "The mozzarella's tools will never dismantle the mozzarella's house." It's awesome, we know. 

I love Bon Appétempt! Amelia's blog is the best. Her writing is down to earth, fun, and she's not afraid to take risks in the kitchen. She makes it look like anyone can cook (note: anyone can cook) and enjoy it, too! Also, her "Bon Appétips" are delightfully hilarious.

 Stay tuned for Gabi's post (Part 2) tomorrow!