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Savor the Science: Know Your Spud

Savor the Science: Know Your Spud

Welcome to Savor the Science! In each Savor the Science, RENDER’s resident chemist, Claire Lower, will explore culinary questions through a scientific lens, perfecting recipes and demystifying techniques. Theories and reactions will be discussed and experiments will be performed; it’s like your high school chemistry class, only edible. Twice a month, Claire will take a scientific concept (such as the acid-base reactions in baking, macerating, or Maillard browning), explain it in a way that would make Bill Nye proud (hopefully), and then provide an edible experiment which allows you to demonstrate your new scientific food knowledge. 

It’s science you can eat!

Mashed potatoes are one of those things that sound much simpler than they actually are. The instructions are practically in the name; mash the potatoes. What could be easier?

A lot of things, really.