It’s Tuesday. Why work when you could chow down on some of last week's most substantial headlines?

Fun with drunk people: at a bar in France, researchers asked drunk people to answer philosophical questions. Turns out the drunker we are, the more utilitarian we are. (The Atlantic)

A mediation on cronuts, competition, and the future of the art of pastry. (The New Yorker)

Anxiety-producing thing-of-the-week: BPAs, greasy food, and receipts. (Civil Eats

U.C. Berkley announces a new initiative – the Global Food Initiative – which seeks to address the question of "how to sustainably feed a world population expected to reach eight billion people by 2025." (U.C. Berkley)  

Ditch the fun-sized, chemical-laden candy bars this Halloween and make your own candy corn, caramel apple caramels, or even ‘chocolate ghostly’ Halloween bark. (Epicurious.)

Get in the kitchen with baker Dorie Greenspan who just released Baking Chez Moi. (Boston Globe) 

The Ebola epidemic is causing a massive food crisis in West Africa— 40% of farmers in Sierra Leone have reportedly abandoned their fields. (Jezebel’s Kitchenette)

Consider beer’s gender politics with this article on hipster masculinity and the so-called “Miller High Life Man”. (Punch)