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Hot Links: Tasty Links From Around The Web

It’s Wednesday. Why work when you could chow down on some delicious food news?

Last week, we celebrated everyone’s favorite week of the whole year. No, we’re not talking about Halloween— we’re talking about the week that the New Yorker food issue comes out. (New Yorker)

Fireball-gate rages on. But you don’t drink that stuff anyway, right? (The Daily Beast)

Eric Asimov ruminates on TV, powerful women, red wine, and powerful women on TV who drink red wine. (New York Times)

Why the spaghetti tastes wet at Olive Garden, and other stories; an exposé (of sorts). (Medium)

Portland, Oregon is basically the greatest place ever because SHRIMP LABELING. (The Atlantic)

Cook like it’s 1996. Why? Two words: pizza bagels. (Food52)

What's up with "hipster" Chablis? (Punch)

The one and only J. Kenji López-Alt presents a definitive egg-poaching guide. (Serious Eats)

There’s going to be a café in Japan that serves nothing but Hello Kitty-shaped food and the good news is that it’s just a pop-up. For now. (Eater