Illustration by  Anne     Ferguson .  

Illustration by Anne Ferguson. 

It's Monday, but we're all still in vacation mode so who can be sure, right? Regardless, here's some great food-related reads for your holiday-addled mind. 

Turning the love of great food into an extreme(ly horrifying) competitive sport. (Munchies)

You know how you were making gingerbread cookies and smelling the spices one by one as you added them to the dough and feeling all the cozy feelings? Well, turns out nutmeg isn’t so nice after all. (NPR)

One Parisian chef wages a mini-campaign against racism, one high-brow kebab at a time. (NY Times

Please hire us, Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, because the holiday season in your office sounds amazing. (Smithsonian

Discovering charcoal coffee in Indonesia. (Sprudge

Food in The Hunger Games leaves us feeling, well, hungry. Can we go back to Hogwarts now? (Eater