Illustration by  Anne Ferguson .

Illustration by Anne Ferguson.

June 1st means summer’s almost here! Nothing beats a little food news on the beach or out back in the hammock.

A bill was passed through the National Assembly in France that will make it illegal to throw away edible food. Fingers crossed that the U.S. and other countries will follow suit. (Eater)

Have you heard of California Women for Agriculture? The CWA was formed in 1975, and it’s an organization whose mission is “to promote and develop the interest of California women involved or interested in agriculture and to promote a strong agriculture industry in California.” (CAWOMEN4AG)

We wouldn’t have food without farmers. Meet the women who grow your food. (Grist)

RENDER was featured on Rolling Spoon! Check out Founder Gabi de Leon’s interview. (Rolling Spoon)

Rachel Laudan says “eating like your grandmother” is nonsense. Would you agree? Check out some praise and some criticism of her commentary from Mother Jones and the Billfold.

Eliza Barclay discusses whether we’re ready for bugs to be on the menu. (The Salt)