Time to settle in for some juicy reading! Here’s this week’s roundup of food links.

Cassandra Landry describes the anatomy of a modern butcher shop in San Francisco, Portland, OR and Somerville, MA. (MISE Magazine)

This guy, writer Adam K. Raymond, ate nothing but food “made for women” for two weeks. Spoiler alert: this resulted in no change to his physical form. (Thrillist)

Restaurant critic Lesley Chesterman stirred up some controversy in the food world (and a lively Twitter debate) this week when she claimed women who experience harassment in restaurants "either deal with it… or get out.” (Eater)

Looking for some lengthier food reads? Check out Food Tank’s Summer Reading List, including Woman-Powered Farm: Manual for a Self-Sufficient Lifestyle from Homestead to Field by Audrey Levatino. (Food Tank)