Illustration by  Anne Ferguson .

Illustration by Anne Ferguson.

There’s no shortage of pictures in this week’s Hot Links, including a comic about food and cultural appropriation, a step-by-step comic on how to eat crabs, and a guide to shopping for mushrooms. Enjoy!

This piece from The Guardian explores how food trends and the search for “authenticity” trivializes cultures. As Shin Yin Khor says in her comic about food and cultural appropriation,  “Eat, but don’t pretend that the food lends you cultural insight into our ‘exotic’ ways. Eat, but recognize that we’ve been eating too, and what is our sustenance isn’t your adventure story.” (The Guardian, Bitch)

“Farming is the new sexy,” according to Evelyn Funda. Literally! Make way for sexy farmer calendars and a “Sexiest Pea Farmer” competition! But how do actual farmers feel about all of this? (Grist)

It looks like Pittsburgh’s Bar Marco has tripled its profits by eliminating tips! And they’re giving their full-time employees a salary and benefits they can actually live off of. Still not convinced that tipping should be abolished? Check out the video at the end of this article. Statistics say that one’s race and gender can affect how much they earn in tips. This is especially unfair, considering that tips make up the majority of service industry workers’ wages—only seven states require that employers pay their tipped employees full state minimum wage. (Entrepreneur, Eater)

If you’re looking for a thorough guide to shopping for mushrooms, here it is. (Serious Eats)

And finally, here’s a step-by-step comic on how to eat crabs, illustrated by our friend Kinoko! (Eater)