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Hot Links: Tasty Bites from Around the Web


With August almost upon us, we're officially in the throes of the dog days of summer. Cool down with some of last week's food links.

Just in case you weren't aware, opening a restaurant is hard. Dirt Candy chef Amanda Cohen lays out the harsh truth of the pain and uncertainty that so many restaurateurs experience but often don't talk about. (Eater)

U.S. tomatoes suck. Here's why. (Grist)

What does it take to be a chef and a mother? This piece explores the challenges of working in an industry that is especially unaccommodating to mothers and how paid parental leave can be implemented at restaurants to better serve working women and families. (Open for Business)

What's creepier than head cheese? According to Camas Davis of the Portland Meat Collective, what's really creepy is how America's system of meat production and consumption has made the concept of whole animal utilization into something that's exotic, disturbing, and sadistic. (The Portland Meat Collective)