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Hot Links: Tasty Bites from Around the Web

Illustration by  Anne Ferguson .

Illustration by Anne Ferguson.

It's Monday—and you might even be on vacation right now! Settle in and have a little read of the best of the food-related internets. 

Americans can travel to Cuba now, but the it looks like the rum wars have only just begun. (Daily Beast

Get comfortable—Eater rounded up the best food-related longform stories of 2014. (Eater

In case the version we shared last week didn’t do it for you, here are 9 more eggnogs to try before Christmas. (Saveur

Wayne Curtis muses about about the best bars that never existed. (PUNCH)

You should probably read this list of reasons that foraging sucks because one of them is “You can die.” (Modern Farmer)  

Hosting Christmas dinner and still planning your menu? Food52 has your back with 15 gorgeous menu suggestions. (Food52

Vegetarian cheese – that is, cheese not made with animal rennet – can actually be exciting and interesting because thistle rennet is a thing. Yum. (Culture