Illustration by  Anne Ferguson . 

Illustration by Anne Ferguson

It's Monday. Why work when you could read last week's juiciest food news? 

The New York Times hosted the first annual “Food for Tomorrow” conference at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture to “explore two of the most important food challenges facing the world in the 21st century: how to feed a growing population of the world’s poor and how to reverse poor eating habits in the developed world.” Videos of the conference’s many speakers are available online here. Start with Mark Bittman’s keynote address on changing the food system and feeding the planet. (New York Times)

Obviously, we should take Thanksgiving tips from Andrew W. K. because why not? (FWx) 

From fresh to frozen, heritage to free-range, and even something terrifying called self-basting, Russ Parsons demystifies the wild world of turkey labeling.  (LA Times)

McDonald's made bubblegum-flavored broccoli and everyone was weirded out, including McDonald's. (Eater)

Drink domestic this Thanksgiving! Forbes rounded up a few great small production, U.S. grower-made sparklers just in time for the holidays. (Forbes)

The drink smarties at W&P design released their genius Carry-On Cocktail Kit this week and suddenly 30,000 feet isn’t so bad after all. (W&P design)

Someone is selling a Soylent knock off called Schmoylent and attempting to live on nutritionally ideal powder is still the worst idea ever. (Valleywag)