Illustration by  Anne Ferguson.

Illustration by Anne Ferguson.

It's Monday again. Sorry, buddy. At least you've got some scrumptious food news to read over lunch!

This longform about foie gras perfectly captures the ethical dilemmas of farming when the meat you produce is going to be eaten by rich assholes. (Eater)

Speaking of assholes in restaurants and ethics, should we do away with the comped meal for food critics? (Eater Montreal)

Christophe Duchene is feeding refugees and some assholes are mad about it. (Munchies)

People put butter in their coffee because they don't want to be fat. (Eater LA)

If you want to sell foie gras to chefs and you are a lady, pretend gender doesn't exist so chefs will trust you. (Fortune)

Appearance-based discrimination appears to be "on trend" in a few Chinese restaurants and Vice's Munchies covers it in a predictably sexist fashion. (Munchies)

#FOODWINEWOMEN is not a hashtag about country songs, but it is about "strong women" chefs. (Twitter/Food&Wine)

Lucky Peach launched a website and they really love MSG. (Lucky Peach)