Illustration by  Anne Ferguson.

Illustration by Anne Ferguson.

Oh boy, it's been a big week in food news. Put on your reading bibs.

Kim Severson wrote a really great piece about how North Carolina is a lady food utopia. (NY Times)

Some scientists figured out how to unboil an egg, but hadn't that already been done? (LA Times)

People are critiquing the ideology of "wellness" and "healthy" eating. (The Guardian)

"Things in the world are bad enough and now you're going to take away our chocolate?" (NY Times)

Chef Marc Vetri thinks food journalism is stupid because, the Internet, or something. (Huff Po)

Eater's Helen Rosner thinks Marc Vetri is stupid because, food journalism isn't written for chefs, or something. (Eater)

Food critics were probably never anonymous, but some chefs sure do hate this woman. (LA Times/Washington Post)

Are our gender roles in the kitchen sexist? (Foodie Underground)

How about gender rolls, then? (The Toronto Star)

Kinfolk is an aesthetic conspiracy for white folks. (Tumblr)

Fancy chef Nicole Pisani is now a lunch lady. (The Guardian)

The coffee and gentrification debate continues in Pilsen in Chicago, but maybe we should be looking at Starbucks more carefully instead? (Sprudge/Grubstreet)

Chipotle still doesn't have any writing by Mexican authors on their cups. (OC Weekly)

Can we make farming young and hip again with computers or whatever the kids are into these days? (The Guardian)

Modern Farmer rose from the dead. (Eater)

A bunch of really talented chef dudes from the U.S. almost won the food Olympics in France. (Eater)

Lucky Peach published a recipe called "Chips & Oriental Dip" on their Facebook this week and then published a critique of labeling ramen "oriental." They also asked an American chef dude to tell their readers all about lady ramen shops in Japan. (Lucky Peach)