Illustration by  Anne Ferguson .

Illustration by Anne Ferguson.

Last week Hot Links brought you the Feminist Food Writing Awards of 2014. This week we have a double dose of tasty new links for your reading pleasure. Get ready to tuck in!

Where have all the gay bars gone? (Punch)

Ladies drink whiskey. (NPR)

Ladies also farm, but not where dudes do. (Vox)

Reviving women's writing from the early modern period through recipe archives. (Washington Post)

Chipotle workers protest NYPD's racism; Chipotle apologizes. (ABC News)

In New York City, they just discovered the Paleo Diet and also stock, apparently. (RENDER/NY Times)

Flat whites are the new coffee trend that is already over. (Seattle Met/RENDER)

What is wine? What is creativity? (NY Times)

McDonald's is going the way of Starbucks by trying to trick its customers. (The Guardian)

Cooking at home maybe isn't as healthy as Michael Pollan says. (NPR)

In related news, is Michael Pollan a cultural feminist? (Splendid Table)

Is getting rid of tipping at restaurants a feminist revolution? (Eater)

Is it wrong to eat dogs? (The Atlantic)

What about squirrels? (Modern Farmer)

Well, how about goose livers, then? (Eater)

But, what about eggs? Are those o.k.? (NPR)