Illustration by  Anne Ferguson .

Illustration by Anne Ferguson.

Monday is here again. Spend the day catching up on food news.

Lucky Peach came out with their Obsession issue, which had beautiful baked goods made by chefs Elisabeth Prueitt & Chad Robertson on the cover. Editor Peter Meehan credited Prueitt in his Editor's Note saying, "Then we gave Tartine Bakery's Chad Robertson (he is an obsession of of ours) free rein to explore his own wanton relationship with wheat. (Those are his and his wife's baked goods on the cover...). After being called out for his reductive microaggression, Meehan apologized for being "an idiot" on Twitter.  (Lucky Peach/Twitter)

Multiple outlets reported on how many calories are in Chipotle. Everyone (including the staff at RENDER) continued not to give a shit. (Grub Street)

The James Beard Foundation announced its chef and restaurant award semifinalists. There was slightly more gender diversity this year, but racism still dominates fine dining. Also, JBF loves restaurants named after ladies. (Eater)

The staff of Noma Japan are "pregnant with cod sperm" while "barefoot and with someone gripping [their] balls" as they climb a metaphorical culinary Mt. Fuji. (The Guardian)

Punch highlighted the first cocktail book authored by an African-American, which has been reissued almost 100 years after it was first published. (Punch)

The International Olympic Committee sort of seems like a bunch of dicks. (Eater)

Momofuku Milk Bar released a booze shake based on their "crack pie." (Eater)

Krispy Kreme store has KKK Wednesday promotion. (The Guardian)

The 2015 United States Barista Championship was held this last weekend in Long Beach. Last year's champion, Laila Ghambari, took to Twitter to comment on the "negative comments" she was reading about the lack of racial and gender diversity amongst the six finalists. (Sprudge/Twitter)

Munchies published a story about sexual harassment when working at a bar. Here is a tidbit:  "I’m one of those people who has to shake a smile off her face when I get a compliment or a cat call. I have to shake away the confidence boost. At the bar, it’s no different, but I have been struggling with the fact that my ideas on feminism and what it is to be a woman are changing, and the way I see sexual harassment is changing." (VICE Munchies)

The rise of craft cocktails has something to do with making women feel "safe" in bars, but we're not exactly sure just what. (TPM)

Funny tasting notes for "girly" wines are other things silly women with bad taste like, such as strawberry chapstick, Bath & Body Works products, and speaking with vocal fry. (VICE Munchies)

The Agrarian Freedom Project will help you buy a ranch with a tiny home. (Agrarian Freedom Project)

That tuna you're eating isn't. (The Atlantic)

Coupe glasses are the new parsley. (Punch)

Blue Hill is serving food waste pop-up dinners throughout March with some very talented chefs and all the RENDER staff wants to get wastED! (Eater)