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Hot Links: Tasty Bites From Around The Web

Illustration by  Anne Ferguson .

Illustration by Anne Ferguson.

It's Monday—why work when you could read something awesome? Here are some of our favorite food-related reads from the past week. 

A longform ode to the food, family, memory, and why Taco Bell is the best Mexican food there is. (Eater)

Prof. Marion Nestle breaks down (as only she can) what exactly the results of last week’s elections mean for food in the U.S. (Food Politics)

Old people like to get drunk, too, you know. (Fast Company)

Anxiety producer of the week: most of the food imported into the U.S. doesn’t get inspected. So you should probably just stop eating entirely. (Jezebel)

The holidays are coming and hopefully you’re planning to throw a super awesome shindig—here’s a super useful drinks calculator because running out of booze is the worst. (Serious Eats)

In celebration of the release of her new cookbook, Prune, read this interview with the inimitable Gabrielle Hamilton. And then go buy the book because it is amazing. (Here and Now)

The New Yorker takes a long look at the phenomenon that is Modern Farmer. (The New Yorker