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Hot Links: Tasty Bites from Around the Web

Illustration by  Anne Ferguson

Illustration by Anne Ferguson

It's Monday again. Here's some tasty food reading for your day.

Some radical farmers are showing "that land and food are essential to liberation for black people." (YES! Magazine)

Lucky Peach asked if exile makes dumplings taste good. (Lucky Peach)

Pregnancy helps you be a better sommelier. (F&W)

There is a way to market a cookbook to any niche market, like bears. (VICE Munchies)

Iran had its first barista championship and we finally know what a flat white is. (Sprudge

Conditions are still pretty shitty for most poultry chickens, but some farmers are speaking up about their moral dilemmas. (VICE)

McDonald's just wants you to dance for your chicken nuggets. (Mother Jones)

Eddie Huang was not at all thrilled about the racist advertising for Fresh Off the Boat. (Eater)

Finally, guess who's coming to dinner? It's us! (Grist)