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Hot Links: Tasty News From Around The Web

It’s Monday. Why work when you could chow down on some of last week's most substantial headlines?

Gobble up this visual feast: what kids eat for breakfast around the world. (New York Times) 

Atlantic contributor Tonya Basu lifts the curtain on the fall marketing behemoth that is Pumpkin Spice everything and what she finds—secrecy! intrigue! something called cyclotenes!—is not pretty. (The Atlantic)

And we quote: “If you’re lucky, pulque will have the consistency of room temperature spit.” Do we have your attention now? (PUNCH)

Josh Ozersky thinks that your food writing sucks, and (mostly) so did M.F.K. Fisher’s. We may not be convinced, but we’re listening. (Medium)

The American restaurant industry is number one for sexual harassment claims. The Restaurant Opportunities Center reports that  90 percent of female restaurant workers have experienced sexual harassment from customers, and just under 70 percent have experienced “some form of sexual harassment” from managers. (Feministing) 

In related news, Eater speaks with Teo Reyes, the National Research Director at Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC).

Legendary Chinese-American chef Cecilia Chiang closed her famous San Francisco restaurant in 2006, but a documentary film, Soul of Banquet, will be released later this month documenting Chiang’s legacy. (Grub Street)

The often-painful, socio-economic realities of school lunches as recounted by Eatocracy’s always-brilliant Kat Kinsman. (CNN)

The Southern Food and Beverage Museum, which pays homage to the South’s rich edible (and imbibe-able) culture, celebrates its debut with a soft-opening in New Orleans. (NPR)

Check out this mesmerizing, animated gummi bear awesomeness from the New York Times Magazine food issue. (New York Times)

This Danish burger joint serves sex toys alongside regular fare. So, that happened. (Jezebel).

The SF Chronicle on the Thug Kitchen backlash.